About Us

The Aaryan Global school or TAGS literally tags the talent of its wards to nurture them into knowledgeable vibrant youths, ready to pursue highest goals in the fields of education, business, management and the pure and behavioral sciences at the national and global levels.

More Than Just a School

Aiming at excellence in education by using the latest educational technology, computers, audio-visual aids and combining it with vigorous extra curricular activities and a love for nature, the school offers ample opportunities for the complete personality development of students, enabling them to become self-confident and to adopt a modern and progressive outlook.

Education can, and should be both a rigorous and enjoyable process for the child. Children are encouraged to learn themselves, and grow under the teacher’s guidance. The school imparts education which is a perfect blend of Indian Aaryan culture and tradition with sophistication scientific achievements and knowledge of the Western World, required to suit the modern era. We create an atmosphere in which our students easily explore their innate strengths, identify their interests and natural talents and combine competition and accomplishment with co-operation and friendship.

We not only prepare our students for examinations, but for life by involving them in vital activities and exercises. ‘YOGA’ and ‘PRANAYAM’ are integrated into the system of education. This ensures higher quality of lesson “Registration, Retention and Recall”. We believe that education should be such that it liberates the human mind from the bondage of ignorance and lead it towards enlightenment.