Co-Curricular Activities

Art and Craft

“The room exclusively dedicated to art and craft related activities. Besides the day to day activities that takes place within the class rooms, little creative hands add colour along with smiles to their art work. It’s heartening to see pictures of the mind turn into pictures of reality through the creative hands of our students.”

Music and Dance

School realizes the importance of Music and Dance for the holistic development of the students and hence ample opportunity and exposure is given to the students to get a feel of their own potential. The different streams where training is imparted are:
Indian Classical
Western Vocal
Light Music and Dance
Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music

Students will get an opportunity to learn :


Time to time we will organize science fairs and other subject related exhibitions to enrich our students’ knowledge and give them practical skills.

Workshop and Seminars

Number of Workshops, Seminars and Exhibitions are organized from time to time in the School campus. Experts are frequently invited for the above mentioned activities in order to groom the students in various fields.

Picnic and Tours

Recreation, entertainment and amusement are also necessary apart from the regular academics and cultural activities. Hence, excursions, educational tours, trips and picnics are also organized from time to time for the students.